Collection: Modular Downlights

Our modular down lights can have over a thousand unique combinations. 

Let's go to the mounting rings first. That's the easiest to describe. We sell 18 unique mounting rings for our down lights. 3 out of these 18 are available in 2 colours, Black and White. You can make your lights as unique as your project by choosing the mounting ring to suit your architectural taste. 

We stock four different light modules that simple click into these mounting rings. 

A 9 Watt COB module with Tri colour setting . A dip switch is provided to change the light output from warm to natural to cool.

A 13 Watt COB module with Tri colour setting. A dip switch is provided to change the light output from warm to Natural to cool.

An 18 Watt COB module with Natural white colour. 

A 24V DC 9 Watt RGBW COB module. (White 2700K). This module has a 5 wire tail and you will need to connect it to an external 24V DC constant voltage driver and RGBW controller.

A 24V DC 9 Watt 3CCT COB module. Colour temperature can be adjusted from 2700K to 6000K using an external driver and CCT controller. 

This is not where it ends. We are constantly adding more light modules to our range to expand this range eve more. 

The concept behind this lighting system is that you can have the same architectural trim through out the property but different lighting modules to suit the location. You might want to use a high power 18W modules in areas like laundry and garage. 

You might have a high ceiling in some rooms and may want to use the 13 Watt module to have the same amount of light as you do in the areas which have relatively lower ceiling height. 

You might want to add RGBW lighting to areas like Alfresco, balconies and cinema rooms. 

This is not where the choices end. Most of these modules come with a 60 degree beam reflectors from factory. We stock the narrow beam reflectors. Changing the reflector is a matter of opening the front by rotating it ant clockwise, removing the standard reflector and changing it over to the narrow beam reflector. 

These lights come with IC-4 and SAA compliance. The drivers are triac dimming so you could use them with standard dimmers or more advanced home automation dimmers. The drivers are frequency flicker free which makes them suitable for use in video recording studios and also prolongs the life of the luminaire.