Collection: Strip Lights

Green Lighting brings you strips with top specs. 

1. High power, high brightness. Strip lights that pop when you look at them.

2. Very high density of LED's per linear meter. Less or no bright dots will show when mounted in relatively shallow Aluminium extrusions. 

3. High Colour rendering index. To make things look as good as they look in natural light. 

4. High density 3 Oz PCB to take the heat away from the LED's for longer life. 

5. All strips are 24V DC, keeping less current in the circuit and less heat. 

6. All strips are dimmable subject to the ability of your LED Driver. 

7. High quality 3M tape, for a more durable install. 

8. All strips come with Lumetric diagrams to give you all the information you need.

9. 2 Years commercial warranty on multi coloured strips and 3 years on single coloured strip.

Our strips are sorted to make them easy to navigate. Starting with multi coloured strips, followed by white strips with increasing colour temperature and closing off with less popular strips like tune-able CCT white, Constant Current long run strips and Non-White single colours.