About Us

LUMI-FI, based in Fyshwick ACT,  is the operator of Green Lighting e-commerce platform. 

Green lighting was previously knows as LED Market. We have been trading as an online lighting store since October 2019. 

Green Lighting is the direct importer of all the products. Extremely short supply chain enables us to bring very high quality products at extremely competitive prices.

Green Lighting sets its suppliers a very simple task: simple in narration but difficult to achieve: "Give us the best". Our suppliers always question our very high specifications as they are aware that the market runs on price point. We try our best to keep Green Lighting competitive on pricing, but we never try to be the cheapest. Our aim is to offer very high quality lighting with some of the best specification on the market at the best possible price. 

Green Lighting is a brick and mortar store. All the products we sell in Australia are on display in our showroom. We are not into making false marketing claims. If we say we have checked the dimming performance of a certain light to be consistent from 15% to 100%, it means we have tried it physically in our showroom. We aim to deliver what we promise. 

We specified our products so we don't have to fall back on our warranty. Having said that, LED drivers are electronic equipment and there is always a chance of failure. In any unlikely even of failure within warranty period, we are here to look after you. We are available by email or by phone. 

As we do lighting for a passion, you as our customer are always welcome to ring us for any information, ideas or just to pick our brains. 

We look forward to doing making you our valued customer.