Collection: Aluminium Extrusions

LED Market brings an expansive range of  high quality Aluminium extrusions to the Australian market. We don't use the words "high quality" lightly. Let's discuss below why we claim our Aluminium extrusions are of a higher quality. 

1. Class leading weight / linear meter for every extrusion. Higher weight / linear meter means a stronger extrusion which doesn't bend or flex so easily. A higher weight / linear meter also means your strip light will have more effective cooling and give your strip lights a longer life in comparison. When making a purchasing decision, insist to know the weight/linear meter of the Aluminium extrusion so you could compare apples to apples. 
2. UV stabilised PC diffuser will resist colour fading and deterioration if installed in a sunny spot. 
3. Click not Slide diffuser installation. We have seen some competitors bring in flimsy, poorly moulded Aluminium extrusions that are so poor in quality that the diffuser doesn't even click into the profile. In some cases, we have noticed that the diffuser does not even slide into its housing groove. We guarantee that our extrusions will accept the pc diffuser with a click. Once the one end of the diffuser is accepted , all you have to do is run your thumb firmly on the entire diffuser and it will click into its housing. We also guarantee that the diffuser will sit firmly in its position without it being a loose fit. That is how a properly designed and moulded Aluminium extrusion should behave. 
4. 8 Microns (0.32mm) scratch resistant Anodised Aluminium surface finish. 

Now let's have a look at our range of Extrusions.