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RF7 White- Round fix IP44 surface mount trim for X Series COB Modules

RF7 White- Round fix IP44 surface mount trim for X Series COB Modules

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IP44, Surface mount ring for X3A, X15A, XRGBW and XCCT COB down light modules.

Choose this trim if

a. you are installing in high moisture area, external eves or shower room. 

b. when replacing old lights that are installed with a 70-92 mm cut out. The larger face covers a much bigger cut out. 

c. fixed non adjustable trim

d. Relatively shallower mounting depth is available. 

Do not choose this trim if

a. if you are looking for adjustable angle trim. 

b. if you desire to have the best architectural outcome. The very large face serves the purpose of covering the widest range of cut outs, but does not look as classy as RF1, RF4 and RF8. 

Cut out

70-92 mm

Diameter of face

110 mm

Total height of fitting

22 mm

Mounting depth with X3A

78 mm

Mounting depth with X15A

86 mm

Mounting depth with X20A

101 mm

Mounting depth with XRGBW

78 mm

Mounting depth with XCCT

63 mm



Click here to download a pdf spec sheet for RF7 round fix IP44 trim. 

The price is for the surface mount trim only. The light is shown for illustration purposes only. 
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