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Downlight, 18W SMD flicker free Triac dimmable, 1600Lumens, 4000K, White

Downlight, 18W SMD flicker free Triac dimmable, 1600Lumens, 4000K, White

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18 Watt giving out 1600 lumens makes this light bright and efficient at the same time.

SMD Lights are diffused and have a very wide beam angle. These lights are great when you just want a lot of light in all directions with no beaming issues or dark spots. 

Triac dimmible makes it suitable to use with a standard Clipsal style dimmer as well as more advance home automation dimmers from C BUS, Rako, Control4 and many more. Dimming enables you to control the output and power usage of the lights. We have tested the dimming with traditional dimmers as well as Rako dimmers in our showroom, and it gives a very linear dimming all the way from 12% to 100%. In automation software you could easily align the 12% dimming level with the zero level and rule out any flickering issues. 

Colour temperature of 4000K is perfectly suited for commercial environments. It sits right in the middle of being warm and cool. 

IP20 rating restricts means you cannot use this light in high moisture areas like external eves or shower rooms. 

A UGR (Unified Glare Rating) of less than 19 makes this light very comfortable to live with and is considered highly suitable for indoor residential and commercial environments. 

100 degree beam is a wide beam angle and will ensure good coverage of light with no dark areas. 

A flicker free driver means that you will not see any frequency flicker if you were to record a video in its light. A frequency flicker cannot be seen by human eye. Frequency flicker can be seen in recorded video. It makes a video look like its running on a old VCR with a dirty head. 

3 Step Macadam binning means that the LED chip used in the this light is highly colour consistent. You are not going to see variations in the colour temperature output. All lights will display consistent colour and the LED chips are chosen more carefully. 

64 mm installation depth is reasonably low and would suit most modern commercial projects. 

SAA compliance means that there will be no chance of you having any unexpected issues when the local inspectors comes to visit your property to check it for electrical compliance. 

This light fitting comes with Australian plug and 3 years Australian warranty. 

Uses: Commercial, showroom, Retail, cafe , Restaurant, Residential

Cut out 125mm, size 140 x 64 mm(H)


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  • 240V AC

  • 18W

  • 1600


  • 125 mm



  • 140 mm

  • >83