Modular COB Down lights

Modular COB Down lights

Why do we always stay so excited about our Modular lighting system? Well the answer is very simple. We believe its one of the best down light system on the planet. Let me explain why!!

The modular lighting system means that the light engine and the mounting ring come separate. The face of the light is 49.5mm (MR16 size) and it clicks into the mounting ring which is designed to accept a 49.5mm light face. Regardless of what light you choose from the below list, they all have a 49.5mm face. Choose from the below light sources

1. X3A, 8W when you need moderate to low light output

2. X15A, 12W when you need moderate to high light output

3. X20A, 18W when you need high light output. 

4. XRGBW when you need a colour changing light, think home theatre and similar rooms. A good quality RGBW controller should theoretically enable you to choose from 10.4 million colours by sliding the 4 channel on a scale of 0-100 ( 101 (Red Slider) x 101 (Green Slider) x 101 (Blue Slider) x 101 (White Slider))

5. XDTW when you need circadian light that warms (goes down on the colour temperature scale) as you dim it using a dimmer. The usual scale of a Circadian "Dim to Warm" light is 3000K to 1800K. Circadian lights have been scientifically proven to be beneficial for human health by helping in waking up easier and sleeping deeper. 

6. XCCT When you need your light's colour temperature to be adjustable on a much larger scale, usually starting at 6000K , going down to 2700K using a two channel PWM dimmer. 

Now that you have chosen your light source, or chosen different light sources for all the different rooms in your house, you can move toward choosing the trim for your light. You can choose from over 50 different trims, personalise the colour of the trims to match any architectural needs. Some examples are, fixed, gimbal, round, round shaped, square shaped, rectangle shaped, dual light mounts, treble light mounts, IP44, mounting rings with halos, trim less embedded mounting rings and many more. At Green Lighting, we stock over 15 different mounting trims for our modular down lights. 

Moving on from the trims, you could chose the driver to suit your needs. We stock our modular down lights with a Triac dimming driver. However, we are more than happy to take special orders for Dali dimming or 0-10V dimming drivers.

Moving on , you can choose from four different beam angles. The beam angle can be easily changed by unscrewing the front glass cover and swapping over the reflector to a different beam angle. We stock the modular lights with 60 degree reflectors. However we do keep a small stock of other reflectors. 

We have gone one step further and allowed for a tri colour option in our 8W and 12W COB down lights. All you have to do is flick the dip switch to Warm, Natural or Cool to suit your environment. We recommend Warm white for Bedrooms, Family rooms, Natural White / Cool White for Bathrooms, Laundries and Garage.  


As you can see, our Modular Lighting System is truly a lighting system with a thousand combinations and you could tailor is to exactly how you like your down lights.
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